Online Discussion Groups

The SF Collective have set aside a series of dates where members or people interested in the SF Collective, the manifesto and the idea of promoting SF for social change can gather for open discussions, sharing, asking questions etc. It is open for everyone! Think of it as an open space-y type of thing where we can ask questions, share stories, and explore stuff related to the manifesto together. A fair warning… We might start with asking what we are hoping from our talk… Hope to see you at one or all the times suggested. A warm welcome to all!

The discussions are hosted by Jonas Wells via Zoom. Zoom is an online video conferencing tool. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer you only need the Zoom link to join the discussion. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, you need to download the Zoom app free from your app store.

The Zoom link is the same for every time:

The next Solution Focused Collective online discussions will take place on:

  • 4 November 20.30 CET (that’s 19.30 BST)
  • 11 November 20.30 CET (that’s 19.30 BST)
  • 18 November 20.30 CET (that’s 19.30 BST)
  • 25 November 20.30 CET (that’s 19.30 BST)

Singapore/Asia online Discussion Groups

We recognise that the time zones may not suit everyone so if you prefer, you can join in the discussions hosted by Jonas Wells at these times:

His Zoom link is

  • 12 November at 9.00 AM CET
  • 26 November at 9.00 AM CET

look forward to seeing you there!