The Solution-Focused Collective stand in solidarity with people who are oppressed, disenfranchised and excluded and many of us work actively with clients to reduce the effect of these social ills.

We are appalled by the recent killing of George Floyd, a death that adds to many other black Americans who have met their death in police custody or police action. We believe the disproportionate use of force and lethal violence against the black and indigenous communities in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and many other places in the world are a result of systemic racism and the legacy of colonialism and slavery.

We will continue to work in any way that we can to reduce and reverse the effects of racism both in society and within ourselves and the Solution-Focused community.

Please join us on July 4th at our Action Space event where you can discuss actions you have taken, individually and collectively and what more we can do collectively to address this and other forms of social injustice. Please return for details of how to register which will be in a separate post.

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