We are a loose and fluid grouping of solution-focused practitioners from around the world, who share a belief in the potential of the solution-focused approach to help in the creation of social change, towards greater social justice.

What is the Solution-Focused Collective and what does it do?

The Collective is not a membership organisation – so what is it?

It is a loose and fluid grouping of anyone who shares its aims and wants to be involved.

It is a manifesto.

It is an idea.

It is a developer, a catalyst, an encourager and a chronicler of actions.

These actions could include anything that further the aims of the manifesto.

There are actions by the Solution-Focused Collective and actions inspired by the Solution-Focused Collective and we ask people who take action to respect this distinction.

All actions by the Solution Focused Collective are agreed at its regular organising meetings.

Please take time to read our full manifesto. It is available in multiple languages. A text-reader friendly version can be found here: Solution Focused Manifesto

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